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Python Programming & Artificial Intelligence

Python Programming & Machine Learning

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking


WinTech Project

Opportunity to do a project in any field of your choice.


Solarize your home by Learning Solar PV System Designing training using SketchUp Software.

Python Programming

Master the fundamentals of writing Python scripts and using various libraries.

Artificial Intelligence

Apply basic principles of AI in solutions that require problem solving, perception and learning.

Machine Learning

Master the scikit-learn library and become proficient in developing clever machine learning algorithms.

Data Analytics

Understand the concepts of Data Analytics, Data Manipulation and Clustering using R & Tableau.


Learn about the automobile design and the growing electric vehicles industry.

Android Development

Understand how the Android works and build your very first Android app.


Learn about common cyber threats, counter defense tools and how to keep accounts and credentials safe.

Ethical Hacking

Learn to identify and fix security threats breaching the company's security system.

Web Development

Go from no prior coding knowledge to crafting your own websites using various tools.

Amazon Web Services

Design, plan, and scale cloud implementations on Amazon Web Services.


Blend in technology to learn manufacturing at the nano-scale level.

Sixth Sense Technology

Augment the physical world around you with a wearable gestural interface.

Embedded Systems

Learn about software configuration management and develop embedded software applications.

Deep Learning

Learn about a machine learning method based on artificial neural networks.

Internet Of Things

Explore how digital transformation can create enterprise value and empower worker productivity.