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January 2021

Stay safe this winter and join Techfest's WinTech Project. Upscale your resume, enhance your employability and much more by identifying, proceeding and succeeding in a research project of your choice.

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Dr. Saurabh Kwatra

Global Panelist, MIT Technology Review

Subject Matter Expert (SME) (Design, Electronic Manufacturing)

IDEA Week 2020, EMBA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


W e have Dr. Saurabh Kwatra also nicknamed as 'Resolve' among his colleagues for his problems solving abilities, as our overall guide for the Winter Project Program. He is a Subject Matter Expert(Design, Electronic Manufacturing) IDEA Week 2020, EMBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently the Head at Trimmed Innvoations, Global Panelist at the MIT Technology Review. He has been awarded with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Ambassador .

Views on WTP

Regular, formal science & engineering education isn’t always enough to rise in profession. A completed technical project with high degree of innovation, usability and efficiency often jump starts a career. In current scenario, this need is emphasized as employers, universities and organizations seek ‘real hands-on engineer with a real CV – one that boasts of real, unique, project(s).

Most projects begin by detecting flaws in nearby existing products and processes. For example, you may find your neighbor’s vacuum cleaner too noisy, and may have plethora of ideas that can restrict noise level below a certain value. Or you may be stuck in a bottle-neck, unable to eliminate a so-called technical or physical contradiction. Or you could simply possess a strong desire to make it big, but be lacking in generating confidence and acquiring knowledge to begin with. Whatever is the case, we guide you until your project completion.


*As many projects are interdisciplinary, we encourage participants to choose a stream and level closest to their project. For example, if your project is aimed at designing and prototyping a solar-tracking mechatronic navigation for already installed solar panels on roofs in Indian villages, it can be handled in Mechanical or Electrical & Electronics or Renewable equally well, and you are free to choose any stream.


Senior school students, undergraduate students of science and engineering (any discipline), graduate engineers and professionals.


Individual Participation - INR 2000
Group Participation - Max members(4) - INR 1700 per person


1. The program is fully online but has been made equally effective by use of dynamic, animated ppts, videos, conceptual frameworks, and on-ground pictures of projects in progress and completed.
2. The inaugural session(s) is/are common to all participants,
3. After that, a schedule be given to you based on your branch and level. You will learn and work with your colleagues matching your education level and domain of project.
4. In case of interdisciplinary project, as it is severally, choice may be there for you to select stream and level. For example if your project is automatic/semi-automatic cleaning of solar panels, you could fit in 'Renewable / Mechantronic / Mechanical. A mutual decision that is in best interest of your project be taken.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

1. Plagirism is strictly not encouraged. Any participant if caught with using it, whether trying to copy from co-participants (unless mutually agreed within participants) or from outside projects/papers/patents/designs be immediately asked to exit our program.
2. Using others' ideas and works as inspiration is encouraged and is this is how science and technology advances - we highly encourage to give due credits in references / bibliography/ etc. However, cheating and plagiarism be not tolerated. We want you to be proud owners of own project(s)!

Manufacturing/Prototyping Services

Request for such service can be made directly to trainer. It be between you and trainer to gather resources and identify facilities in working towards this. This would be independent of this Techfest's Winter Project.!


Certificates be issued jointly by TechFest IIT Bombay and guide after completion of program and upon completion of project.
Additional certificates of excellence will be issued to promising project makers’ by trainer.

Sample Projects

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