India had 1.713 crore stray dogs in 2012 and the fact that this statistic is 8 years old and still the latest we have says much about the mentality of the Government and people in general. This number would have grown naturally itself over the years and the corona pandemic worsens the situation. People are abandoning their own pets let alone helping these stray animals in this pandemic. Animals are abused across the country and world, whether in laboratories, farms, or pet shops; and the abuse is often justified for human good. 19,028 animal cruelty cases in Mumbai over 5 years and not a single arrest shows the need of spreading awareness about the laws in our country regarding this.
We at Techfest are working hard to spread awareness about this shoddy situation among the youth of the nation, and with the Workshops under our initiative WeCare, we are confident that the future of the animals in the country will be in secure hands. To educate yourself about the laws regarding animal welfare in our country, do read them here. Further, we are urging the governments to take note of this decades-old law and enforce stricter action against animal abusers by launching a petition for the cause.


“Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
Though there are numerous laws to prevent cruelty against animals, they are not stringent enough to impose fear in people of the consequences of doing such an act, nor strong enough enforcement practices to prevent such acts. Currently, the Prevention of Cruelty on Animals, 1960 is safeguarding the cruelty against animals. However, it has not been amended for the last 60 years and contains generation old rules which provide a maximum fine of Rs. 100 for cruelty against animals, an amount which can’t even be used to feed an animal for a day, let alone treat it. And the worst part about this is that this rule hasn’t been changed even in clear cases of an increase in acts of cruelty against animals. Though, the first crimes against animals in India were punished through the Indian Penal Code in 1860, under section 428 and 429. These sections only inadvertently protect the animal as they were originally designed to protect the owner of an animal against any violence or killing of a valued animal priced at Rs. 10 and 50, which represents the market value of the animal if they were traded at that time (when we were still ruled by the British!). These sections belong to Chapter XVII of the IPC which covers offenses against the human property giving animals the status of the property and are bare of any consequence if and when a person performing such a cruel act was actually apprehended.
Through this petition, we aim to amend these generation old rules and laws and ensure an up to date and proper penalty and judicial system to curb such immoral acts to ensure a safer future for the animals in this country. Every signature of yours counts and gives voice to that animal who is tortured or hurt or murdered.

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