Advanced Technology

Proprio Foot

Proprio is an adaptive microprocessor controlled ankle for low to moderately active amputees, designed to improve safety by increasing toe clearance in swing phase and adapting to changing terrain. This reduces chances of falling by 70%.

i-Limb Quantum

The i-Limb Quantum is Össurs premium multi-articulating myoelectric hand. It is crafted with titanium digits for 50% increase in carry load, up to 30% more grip force and 30% speed boost to enhance natural motion, strength and functionality.


A microprocessor controlled orthosis can help people with paralysis of lower limbs e.g. with polio who often have to walk with a stiff knee by intelligently sensing various parameters – knee angle, direction of movement and many others. That’s what we call technology for people!

Rheo Knee XC

The RHEO KNEE XC is a microprocessor-controlled knee designed to support patients from early rehabilitation to full recovery with its effortless, intuitive, and stable functionality.

Laws and Policies

Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 introduced two new classifications – persons with benchmark disabilities and persons with disability having high support needs. Specific provisions for their education, skill training, employment, and reservation are stipulated. The private sector will be incentivized for having 5% of their workforce from persons with benchmark disabilities.

Amendments for sporting activities

The sporting activities of persons with disabilities will be encouraged by the Government. Course and programmes will be structured as per the needs of persons with disabilities for greater access to different sports and inclusive infrastructure.

Right to own or inherit property

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act confers legal capacity on persons with disabilities. This means that they have a right to own or inherit property, and access financial credit. The Act also talks about the reproductive rights of persons with disabilities wherein information regarding family planning will be provided to them.

National policy for persons with disability

It recognizes that the Persons with Disabilities constitute a valuable human resource for the country and that a majority of such persons can lead a better quality of life if they have equal opportunities and effective access to rehabilitation measures.