Molested? Eve-teased? Isn't it all part of being a woman in India? Every single day, young girls and women from all walks of life are being tortured and violated. Public places have become the primary hunting grounds. While those hunted down mostly weep in silence and disdain, the rest fight for a basic life with dignity. And the number of these cases never seems to decrease. Techfest thus launches its nationwide initiative ‘Nirbhaya’, to provide support for those fighting against these evils and also spread awareness about the same.The name ‘Nirbhaya’ itself brings about the dreadful memories of the Delhi gang rape case five years ago. It is this set of memories that we conjure up to fight, this type of inhumane acts that we aspire to demote. The onus is on our generation to wake up and do whatever it takes. About 49% of the registered voters of our country are women, and the lack of proper security for them is disheartening as well as shameful. Our initiative aims at holding widespread awareness campaigns about this social evil. We also envision at holding pan-Indian exhibitions about the importance of women’s safety. We stand by each other. Tall and proud. Brave and confident. It is high time that we pay back what we owe to our beloved country. No more harassment. We want what we deserve- a safer India, where every woman can go after her dreams and aspirations, without the bother of evil eyes lurking over her.


The problem of harassment and eve-teasing is too enormous to be solved by a group of people. It will require the coming together of a vast population to fight such a formidable opponent. A major change in mindset of the public is needed. Also, it is acceptable that women equipped even basics of some self defense techniques are more likely to be safe. And therefore, we at Nirbhaya, plan to hold nationwide self-defense workshops and awareness campaigns. Professional trainers will guide women about the basics of self-defense in more than 150 workshops across the country. Self-defense has become a valuable skill in the present scenario. This, combined with consciousness of women’s safety and respect will definitely be successful in bringing about a substantial change. Because we believe that things can change. Because a nation where a woman isn’t safe cannot progress. Because Swami Vivekanand famously said, “There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing.”

In Rememberence Of

Nirbhaya, a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern who was raped on 16 December 2012 in Delhi, She fought for her life and died on 29 December 2017 due to multiple injuries. Candle marches happened across the nation and condolences were recieved from various countries and International organizations like UN.


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