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Some glimpses from Techfest’s International Robowars - India’s Largest Robot Combat Competition where participants from around the globe battle with the finest combat robots in a robust metal arena, interspersed with magnificent artist performances for non-stop entertainment.


A techno-cultural night where Science becomes entertainment and where Technology becomes an art! Over 3 days, Technoholix hosts a plethora of events like EDM nights, Laser shows, and even 3D holographic displays for an ecstatic audience of over 20,000!

Technoholix Cover Photo
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If you are feeling saturated from all the tech and want to unwind, then lose yourself into the enthralling games and cool activities we have for you! So whether you want to find yourself spellbound by the jaw-dropping wall art or enchanted by street performers from around the globe we present for you some glimpses from Ozone!

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