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Are you interested in engineering? Does the thought of various machinery and processes coming together to give a final product excite you? You've come to the right place. Dive in to see what awaits you!
P.S. Certificates provided!

What are Virtual Industry Visits?

An Industry Visit is traditionally a trip made by students into various factories and manufacturing plants so as to understand the processes and the work that goes on in them. These Visits are insightful for students interested in pursuing jobs in the core fields of engineering and provide the students with a glimpse of the path ahead.

Due to the pandemic, we at Techfest decided to restructure these insightful visits and came up with the unique format of the Virtual Industry Visits to help the future engineers.

We have collaborated with different companies and industries to ensure that you have the learning of a lifetime! Head on over to know more and register!

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Register here to get frequent updates and attend the Virtual Industry Visits that are conducted. You can go through the Certificate Policy before registering.

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