Help Epilepsy Awareness Last


Epilepsy is the second most common and frequently encountered neurological condition that imposes a heavy burden on individuals, families, and also on healthcare systems. There are more than 12 million persons with epilepsy (PWE) in India, which contributes to nearly one-sixth of the global burden. Our goal is to help everyone understand what a seizure looks like and what to do if they see someone having a seizure. Hence, this year, we at Techfest have decided to work on this cause under the banner of HEAL, and wish to take the world one step closer to a better and more inclusive future.

Our Work

To aid the cause of spreading awareness about Epilepsy, we are organizing an informative session talking about this condition and what people afflicted by this have to go through, and how we can help as individuals. Further, we are conducting multiple workshops on First Aid for Seizures. These workshops will be taken be the nation’s best Neurologists and Psychotherapists and will be immensely helpful in teaching us how to react to sudden situations of a seizure attack. Many times, we may be overwhelmed and confused, which leads to inaction and further damage to someone who can be helped by some simple knowledge, which will be covered in our workshops.


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