Why Should You Donate Eyes?

India is home to the world's largest number of blind people, with over 15 million suffering from the condition. It is believed that 75% of these cases are avoidable but persist because of the country's acute shortage of optometrists and donated eyes (for the treatment of corneal blindness). Corneal Transplantation is the only effective restoration for the replacement of human tissues in the eye. For every person who donates a healthy pair of eyes, 2 people get to see the world

This is a high time that we actively work towards this cause and hence, Techfest in association with several major NGOs in India has launched one of the country's most extensive initiatives on Eye Donation Awareness.

Who Can Donate Eyes

Eye donors can belong to any age group or sex.

People who use spectacles or astigmatism or even those operated for cataract.

Patients who are diabetics, those suffering from hypertension, asthma patients and those without communicable diseases.

Persons who were infected with or died from AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, rabies, septicemia, acute leukemia, tetanus, cholera, meningitis or encephalitis cannot donate eyes.

Procedure for Eye Donation

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