Drishti, a social initiative by Techfest, IIT Bombay aims to raise awareness about Importance of Eye Donation. It also focuses on clearing the various misconceptions and myths surrounding Eye Donation, educate people about the social benefits associated with each pair of eyes donated and finally give an opportunity to our audience to become future eye donors.

Word From Sonakshi

When I view the current state of eye donation, it hurts to find that it is not where it should be. I myself have pledged my eyes and I feel it's the noblest gift you can give someone- the gift of eyesight. We are always limited by the thoughts and doubts in our mind.
We are held back by various religious misconceptions, superstitions and myths that need to be busted .Thus it is on us, the youth, to address the issues that stop us from donating our eyes, from lack of infrastructure, eye banks to lack of awareness.
I feel initiatives like DRISHTI are doing a terrific job by creating awareness and understanding. Blindness is holding back many individuals from progressing and thus by choosing to donate eyes , we will keep impacting lives even after we're gone. We need to look upon it as a responsibility rather than a choice.