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Techfest Drone Racing League

Techfest Drone Racing League

INR 1,00,000 Prize

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For the first time in the history of techfest organizing India's Largest FPV Drone Racing League.Brace yourselves for one of the most elite extravaganza events Night Drone Racing at Techfest IIT Bombay and witness the drones slicing through the air with absolute speed.

  1. All races will be governed by an appointed team of judges/organizers.
  2. Each race will be monitored by judges, cameras, timing/lap systems and volunteers to maintain fair and accurate competition
  3. There will be 2-3 Rounds of Qualifiers with pilots categorized into multiple heats.
  4. Each Heat will run for 3 laps, usually lasting for 3-4 mins.
  5. In the Qualifiers, each pilot will be given a chance to set their fastest recorded time.
  6. Top X number of pilots (usually 8 pilots where X is dependent upon the number of attending pilots) based on their fastest time set in the Qualifiers will progress through to the A Main Round.
  7. Pilots ranked beyond 8 in the Qualifiers will go into the B Main Round.
  8. One Pilot from B Main Round based on fastest lap timing will join the 8 pilots into the Semi Finals which will have a total of 9 pilots.
  9. 1 or 2 Rounds of Semi Finals will then be held depending upon the available time during the day with 3-4 pilots qualifying into the Finals based on fastest lap timing.
  10. The Final Round will follow a “Chase the Ace” Format, ie. the pilot that takes first place, twice (based on finishing order) will take Gold.

Date of competition:
16th December 2022
9 AM-9 PM

  1. Pilots must adhere to all rules within the competition venue, and will not fly in any other part of the venue unless it is a designated flight zone.
  2. Pilots must arrive at the venue with their complete setup 1 hour before the official race time and must be in complete READY-TO-GO state 15 mins before race time.
  3. Pilots will NOT be given any practice sessions during the 15 mins before race starts.
  4. Pilots who are not in READY-TO-GO state 15 mins prior to race start will be disqualified from participating in the race.
  5. Pilots MUST NOT assume any change of race time until it is officially announced by the organizers.
  6. Pilots must contain all equipment and airframes within the pilot pit area and must not solder, weld or cause any spark within the pit area.
  7. There will be established workbench areas for soldering, repairs and modifications.
  8. A charging station would be provided with power points.
  9. General charging of electronic devices including radios or any device with a self-contained power supply is permitted.
  10. All batteries must be stored in a LiPo-safe bag or in an approved, fire resistant
Chinmaya Kumar Behera
+91 78940 80739
[email protected]
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