INR 90,000

Participants are expected to bring innovative ideas and prototype solutions to develop a Smart Wallet, to make the best use of IoT in our pockets. Teams must integrate IoT into our wallets, using intelligent sensors to store and report important data in real time. The goal is to make our wallet smarter, intelligent and secure.

Abstract Submission:
The team has to submit a summary of the design of the wallet in the specified format.

Final Run:
You will have to submit a detailed design report of your prototype in the predefined format, and present your research and final prototype to the Judges Panel.

Abstract Submission Deadline:
26 December, 2021

First Round Results Announcement:
2 January, 2022

Final Report Submission:
23 January, 2022

Final Demonstration to the Judges Panel:
30 January, 2022

  1. Every team has to register online on the official Techfest website for the competition.
  2. A Team ID will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future references.
  3. The decision of the organizers or judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  4. No responsibility will be held by Techfest, IIT Bombay for any late, lost or misdirected entries.
  5. The idea presented by the teams should be original (not protected by means of patent/copyright/technical publication by anyone).
  6. Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the website. However, registered participants will be informed through mail about any changes.
  7. All modes of official communication will be through the Techfest e-mail. Participants are advised to keep track of all folders in their e-mail accounts.

Sameer Parwani
+91 735 849 2207
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