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INR 1,75,000


Company ABC is working in insurance broking and risk management industry. They have data on every aspect of the lifecycle from customer quotation to final payout. Participants are supposed to analyse the data, come up with solutions to make the process better, identify the steps that require attention, and make a dashboard which can help the company visualise data better, and understand the problems faster.

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Round 1: Abstract Submission - Participants are supposed to submit a PDF with information on what data models they are going to use, Rough design of Dashboard front end and process flow blue print(How are you planning the for the process to work, what tools are you going to use and how)
Round 2: Final Round - Participants will be given data set necessary, and they are supposed to analyze the data, and come up with innovative solutions and insights to make the process better, and present it in a visual form to the judges...
Date Event
10 November, 2020 Last date of registration
10 November, 2020 Abstract submission
20 November, 2020 Result Announcement(Abstract)
18/19 December, 2020 Final rounds

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1. Every team has to register online on the official Techfest website for the competition.
2. A Team ID will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future references.
3. The decision of the organizers or judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
4. No responsibility will be held by Techfest, IIT Bombay for any late, lost or misdirected entries.
5. The idea presented by the teams should be original (not protected by means of patent/copyright/technical publication by anyone).
6. Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the website. However, registered participants will be informed through mail about any changes.
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