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INR 1,25,000


Corona virus is spreading like wildfire in the country. Innovate and find ways to stop the spread of the virus, and distribute vaccine after its successful invention

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i. Title

ii. Abstract
1. Objectives
2. Beneficiaries (For whom)
3. Value of results (Usage)

iii. Background

iv. Statement of Problem 1. Succinct definition of problem addressed (follows from material in the background section)

v. Research
1. Present methods of tackling the problem (if any)
2. Proposed Solution
3. Alternate solutions/approaches
4. Novelty of Approach: How is/will your solution be better than the existing products that address the same problem?

vi. Technical Report
1. Description of concepts, theories and/or approach involved in the proposed solution
2. Technical aspect of the proposed solution
3. Detailed technical specifications and pictorial representations (block diagrams/ flow chart)
4. Description of the flow of operations demonstrating key features and functionality
5. Performance estimate of the solution
6. Experimentation/Verification done to establish the workability of the above
7. A link to the video of the working model/ prototype

vii. Results
1. Actual findings, significant output of tests and analysis (Must be readable)
2. Include problems encountered, credibility of results, accuracy estimates
3. Pros and cons of your solution
4. Utility of results

viii. A link of the Google Drive Folder which contains Pictures and Video of the working model/ prototype.

ix. Application

1. Your idea as a solution to the problem
2. Additional applications
3. Benefits to the users

x. Future prospects, research in it and further development (in brief)

xi. Any other details: (Patent/Business plan etc.)
Date Event
24 October, 2020 Last date of registration
24 October, 2020 Abstract submission
31 October, 2020 First round results
7 November, 2020 Mentor allocation
18/19 December, 2020 Final Presentation

How to register?

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What is the Registered Mail Id of a person?

The Gmail Id which was used to Sign In is the Registered mail Id. It is an Unique Identity of any participant. It will be used in Adding Team members in a Team, Joining a Pre-existing team etc.

How many people can be there in one team?

One team can have atmost 4 participants for this competition.

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Can we add ourselves in any existing team?

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Can we change the team leader of our team?

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Can I register in more than one competition?

Yes, you can participate in more than one competition. However, it is recommended to focus on one competition as there may be some chances of slot clash.

Can a team have members from different colleges?

Yes, students from different colleges can form a team.

How many teams can I join in?

You can join only one team in one competition. Participating in more than one team will get you DISQUALIFIED.

Covideate abstracts will be judged by a panel of experts. Following are the broad guidelines for judging:
1. Creativity and Novelty: How novel is the idea? How different is it from the current solutions available? The innovation must be ingenious and novel in its area of application and should have a high potential for leaving an impact on the society.
2. Originality: The innovation should not, by any means, include copied or stolen work. Such applications will be disqualified immediately.
3. Performance
4. Cost/Market Value and Acceptance
5. Durability and Usability: Durability of the prototype/method proposed.
6. Implementation ability: Is the solution implementable as described? Is it repeatable? Is the solution feasible for diverse and changing conditions?
7. Scalability: Is the solution scalable to a higher level, how easy is it to scale up and what are the factors affecting it?
8. Potential of Impact: How does it benefit the society? The scale of problem that it solves, intensity of the solution and number of people catered from the solution directly and indirectly.
9. Design: Has the design been taken into consideration? How optimized is the product?
10. Ergonomics (if the team decides to make a well-designed product) In case of any discrepancies, the decision of the Organizers or Judges will be final and binding on all.
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