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INR 1,75,000 Prize

Internship opportunities worth INR 60K each

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Innovation is the essential ignitor of all human change, development, and advancement. The sole motto of Ideate is to encourage youth to come up with innovative ideas to reform and transfigure the present situation in the world. Ideate's motto is to ignite the sparks of innovation in young minds to develop ideas with the potential to become the harbinger of change and crusader of the cause. Let’s bring a change in the world!

Home automation is constructing automation for domestic, sequences pre-programmed smart devices to fulfill the particular demands of the residents and remotely monitor and control your home using the Internet of Things. Teams are encouraged to imagine one aspect of a home from 2030 and create its prototype.

Abstract Submission:
Participants have to submit a report stating their idea and execution plan and it should be consistent with the format mentioned in the problem statement.

Video Prototype Submission:
Participants whose abstracts are shortlisted have to create a bench prototype of their idea and submit a video of their prototype.

Final Presentation:
The final shortlisted participants (based on video prototypes) would be getting a chance to present and explain their solutions in front of judges during the main fest which will be held in IIT Bombay.

Last date of Registration and Abstract Submission:
23rd October 2022

Release of Abstract Submission:
30th October 2022

Last Date of Submission of Video Bench Prototypes:
8th November 2022

Release of Video Prototype Shortlists:
12th November 2022

Mentorship with Atomberg team for improving the prototype:
13th November to 12th December 2022

Final presentation & polished prototype submission:
14th December 2022

Presentation Stage & Exhibition:
16th-18th December 2022

  1. Every team has to register online on the official Techfest website for the competition.
  2. A Team ID will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future references.
  3. The decision of the organizers or judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  4. No responsibility will be held by Techfest, IIT Bombay for any late, lost or misdirected entries.
  5. The idea presented by the teams should be original (not protected by means of patent/copyright/technical publication by anyone).
  6. Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the website. However, registered participants will be informed through mail about any changes.
  7. All modes of official communication will be through the Techfest e-mail. Participants are advised to keep track of all folders in their e-mail accounts.
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