AI Email Classifier

Prize Money

INR 1,75,000


A multinational Company is trying to streamline its customer care process. For this they have to categorize customer query mails. Participants have to build a re-trainable AI model to classify mails based on bulk mails as training dataset.

Problem Statement Registrations Closed
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Round 1: Abstract Submission - Participants are supposed to write briefly about the algorithms, and solution flow from the perspective of user interface, back end modules.
Round 2: Final Round - Qualified teams will be provided with a emails dataset to train the model. At final submission demonstrate accuracy with given set and re-trainability on the go with new set of emails.
Date Event
10 November, 2020 Last date of registration
10 November, 2020 Abstract submission
15 November, 2020 Result Announcement(Abstract)
18/19 December, 2020 Final rounds

What is the role of web interface in the solution?

Web interface is required to simplify the re-training and demonstrating the solution. It should allow user to browse files while loading training data or input emails. It should have functionality to call the classifier module to generate and display the results.

What is the Hyper parameter tuning?

Hyper-parameter tuning is required to fine-tune the training process to archive optimized results. Web portals should have a simple table displaying hyperparameters used and also allow users to change it for re-training.
Hyper-parameters is the only thing you can change while retraining with the new set of emails.

What is the a Quick Test functionality?

While training a model, you should keep some data aside for testing (Test data set). This functionality will allow you to test one or set of emails quickly while building or demonstrating the solution
Tip: Quick test and runtime component can be technically same

Front end Mock-ups

We are expecting a clear outline of the webpage which will allow users to easily train, test and demo the complete solution. Functionality is an important evaluation criteria than the look & feel.

IMPORTANT: Re-trainability

It is extremely critical for a solution to get retrained and perform with a completely new set of email. Solution should demonstrate smooth functionality of loading new emails, training and tuning the model and classify the new test data.

What is the a Quick Test functionality?

While training a model, you should keep some data aside for testing (Test data set). This functionality will allow you to test one or set of emails quickly while building or demonstrating the solution
Tip: Quick test and runtime component can be technically same

Will emails have attachments

Email set provided will be a mixed bag of emails. Some of the emails may have attachments and type of attachment may vary (PDF, excel, word, images etc.). Use of attachment content for training classifier models is optional.
Subject line, Content and Attachment Names will be free text with no predefined structure.

Why should I participate in this competition?

The competition provides its participants with a reasonable grasp of important mechanical and programming principles that will take them in the direction of being able to design and construct their own gripping robot. Participants work together to design and build a robotic vehicle that can navigate on an obstacle-filled course while moving blocks from one location to another.

How to register?

Follow this steps for registration : -> Competitions -> AI Email Classifier -> Explore More -> Register -> Fill all your details -> You will be registered and now you must either Create a team/Join a team

What is the Registered Mail Id of a person?

The Gmail Id which was used to Sign In is the Registered mail Id. It is an Unique Identity of any participant. It will be used in Adding Team members in a Team, Joining a Pre-existing team etc.

How many people can be there in one team?

One team can have atmost 4 participants for this competition.

Can anyone add members in a team?

No, only the team leader has the right to add members in a team. But others can join an existing team by clicking on the Join Team button.

Can we add ourselves in any existing team?

Yes, follow these steps to get added in a team. Join team -> Enter required details -> You will be added in that team

How can I make my own team (as team leader)?

You can choose any of the two ways to form your own team: Follow this process:- -> Competitions ->AI Email Classifier -> Explore More -> Register -> Fill all your details -> Team -> Create a team -> Use the Registered Mail Id of other participants to add them in your team. They must be already registered before adding them in your Team.

What is the Single Participant option?

On clicking the single participant option, you will be given a team ID. Other people can join your team using your team ID but you can't join any other team. You have to leave the team to join another team.

How can a team leader remove members from the team?

Click on the Remove Member button and then remove the member you want to remove.

What happens when a team leader leaves a team?

If a team leader leaves a team, the team will get dissolved. The other members of the team will then have to create a new team.

Is it necessary for the team leader to add all the team members at once?

No, it is not necessary. Team leader can add 1 member or none, only once which is while creating the team but if the team is not full and he/she wants to add more members afterwards, then members (to be added) will have to use the Join Team button to join team

How can a team member(other than team leader) leave his/her team?

Click on the Leave Team button and you will be removed from the registered team.

Who can delete a team?

Only the team leader can delete the team using the Dissolve Team button.

Can we change the team leader of our team?

No, you can’t change the team leader of your team. But, you can dissolve the team and form a new one.

Can I register in more than one competition?

Yes, you can participate in more than one competition. However, it is recommended to focus on one competition as there may be some chances of slot clash.

Can a team have members from different colleges?

Yes, students from different colleges can form a team.

How many teams can I join in?

You can join only one team in one competition. Participating in more than one team will get you DISQUALIFIED.

1. Every team has to register online on the official Techfest website for the competition.
2. A Team ID will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future references.
3. The decision of the organizers or judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
4. No responsibility will be held by Techfest, IIT Bombay for any late, lost or misdirected entries.
5. The idea presented by the teams should be original (not protected by means of patent/copyright/technical publication by anyone).
6. Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the website. However, registered participants will be informed through mail about any changes.
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