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“Young people are already leaders, combating poverty and hunger in their communities, practising green and healthy lifestyles, encouraging respect and tolerance through music and culture. We are the leaders of today, but you are the leaders of tomorrow. Together, let us build a world of peace and prosperity for all of us.”

-Ban Ki-Moon,Secretary General of the United Nations

Model United Nations, popularly referred to as MUN, is an academic simulation of the United Nations and its various organs. In this creative simulation participants take up the role of international diplomats and representatives of countries in various UN bodies.

The aim of the Techfest World MUN is to develop universally acceptable proposals to solve some of the pressing global issues including poverty, health, energy and education, conflict, wildlife and conservation, climate change, imbalanced trade among others. These resolutions will be forwarded to UN itself as youth opinion for active consideration for its own functioning & planning purposes.
In the previous edition, we had over 300 hundred delegates from more than 20 countries including Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more. Over the years Techfest International Model United Nations (TIMUN) proved itself to be one of the largest MUN in India. TIMUN 2014 was a very successful event and memorable to all the 300+ hundred delegates from more than 20 countries including Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more.

We reintroduce TIMUN under it’s new name as the Techfest World MUN to be held from 16th-18th December 2016 on a scale never seen before. The secretary general for Techfest World MUN 2016 is Bhavik Muni.

Welcome Letters

Bhavik Muni
Secretary general
Chaitanya Parsana
Secretary general(Schools)

  • 1. United Nations Historic Security Council


  • 2. United Nations General Assembly Second Committee


  • 3. United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee


  • 4. Conference for Empowerment of Women


  • 5. African Union


  • 6. World Trade Organization


  • 7. The Conference of Parties 22

    (Futuristic Committee Discussing Climate Change)

  • 8. United Nations Security Council


  • 9. United Nations General Assembly First Committee


  • 10. United Nations General Assembly Third Committee


  • 11. United Nations Environment Programme


  • 12. United Nations Development Programme




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What is Model United Nations?
Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

What is Techfest?
Techfest is the annual technical festival of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. Over the years, since its inception in 1998, Techfest has earned the tag of Asia's largest Science and Technology Festival and earned the patronization of UNESCO. Techfest 2015 saw a footfall of more than 1065,000 students. For more info : www.techfest.org
How can I contact the organizing team of TWMUN, IIT Bombay?
You can email us at twmun@techfest.org

What are the dates of TWMUN, IIT Bombay?
TWMUN, IIT Bombay is a three day conference and will be held during Techfest 2016 from 16-18th december 2016.

Who can register for TWMUN, IIT Bombay?
All students with a valid ID card of their high school or college can register for TIMUN,IIT Bombay. However, exceptional cases are sometimes made for recent graduates or upcoming academics.

When will the registration start for delegates?
The first round of delegates aplications has already been opened. We will be launching the second round soon.0

What is the dress code for the conference?
The dress code is traditionally western business attire for the entire duration of the conference. However, in line with the UN's conventions, delegates may wear the national costume of the country they are representing as long as this is not seized as an opportunity to dress less formally.

When will the study guides be released?
They will be uploaded to the committees page prior to the announcement of committee assignments in mid-october.

Why are there two topics listed for the committees?
Delegates will spend the first session deciding and voting on which topic to discuss, and will debate that issue first. If that topic is resolved before the end of the conference, the second issue will be debated too, but this cannot be guaranteed. Delegates should prepare equally well for both topics.

What awards will be presented at TWMUN, IIT Bombay?
The awards will be presented at the discretion of the chairs of each committee and will include 1 Best Delegate and 1 Honorable Mentions/High Commendations. 2 awards will be presented to the best and the second best chair respectively and 1 award to the best International Ambassador at the discretion of the Secretary General and the Organizing committee.

What's the best way to travel ?
Mumbai being the financial capital of India offers various modes of transport. You can find more on Wiki Travel.

Do I get help for my VISA application?
If you need assistance with your Visa application, please email us a scanned copy of your passport. Once your payment of delegate fees is complete, TWMUN, IIT Bombay will send you an invitation letter to the conference, which should then allow you to apply for a Visa. Thus, we recommend that you register to the conference and notify us that you require a Visa as early as possible.

Accomodation Cancellation

For Techfest MUN Delegates ONLY

Confirmed Accommodation can be cancelled through email only till 18 December 2016 (23:59 hrs).
Send an e-mail having your team ID and the number of members for whom accommodation has to be cancelled, at bilal@techfest.org.
The subject of the email should be “Cancellation of Accommodation”
The last date for any cancellation request is 18 December 2016 (23:59 hrs).
For any cancellations before deadline, 75% of the total amount shall be refunded.
Refund procedure will be online and the money will be credited to your account during 2nd half of January 2017.
There shall be no refunds for cancellation after the deadline.
After mailing, contact undersigned for cancellation.
Badal Priyadarshi
+91 882 849 5030