Prize Money: INR 70,000/-

To design and build a manually controlled boat which has to sail through the obstacles in the arena and complete the race task before the other boat.

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The competition is divided into 2 stages:
Stage 1: Every team is required to submit their design for the robot, which should also contain a detailed description of the key components of the design. The submissions which satisfy the specifications given in the problem statement will qualifiy for the second stage which will be informed to the teams through the mail. There are no restrictions on design and you can think like an unconventional thinker keeping in mind the constraints give in the problem statement.

Stage 2: The teams shortlisted for the Stage 2 will compete in a knock out type round where 2 teams would compete against each other. The 2nd round will be held during Techfest from 3rd to 5th January, 2020. Details of the round shall be mentioned in the problem statement mailed to those who qualify for the 2nd round.

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