Prize Money: INR 1,25,000/-

Innovation is the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress
The sole motto of Ideate is to encourage youth to come up with innovative ideas to reform and transfigure the present situation in the world! Ideate provides a platform for young minds to showcase their talent through novel ideas having the potential to become the harbinger of change and crusader of the cause. Let’s bring a change in the world!

Problem Statement
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Participants are invited to come up with innovative technological solutions to tackle any of the problems listed below:
The following themes(bulleted points) are just guidelines to help you. You are free to think like an unconventional thinker and come up with great innovations.

▪ Primary healthcare services
▪ Sanitation biotechnology
▪ Efficient and well trained workforce reaching the last mile
▪ Malnutrition in children
▪ Poor standards of hygiene
▪ Indigenous healthcare systems


Education for Underprivileged Children
▪ Good infrastructure in schools
▪ Local language, quality study material and trained teachers
▪ Gender equality and disabled children
▪ Transportation to schools
▪ Nutrition and education expenses


▪ Generation of electricity from waste material
▪ Rural electrification
▪ Non polluting and renewable sources of energy
▪ Smart grid infrastructure with quality, reliable and secure power supply
▪ Self sustainable street lights
▪ Energy storage systems