JLT India Challenge

Prize Money: INR 1,75,000/-

Develop a software application which assists in document creation using pre-defined templates involving Data analytics and ML. As part of business transactions, one has to create multiple key documents to cater to customers, stakeholders, employees, etc. There is a need to automate creation of these standard key documents.

Problem Statement
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Stage 1 - Submission of detailed functional description of the solution including proposed technical approach to develop it. Successful submissions must include detailed technical Specifications.

Stage 2 - Selected teams will move to Stage 2. Here the proposed solution needs to be developed (prototyped) for alpha testing. The selected teams will have an opportunity to submit proposed approach and present their solution to JLT team to receive feedback. Successful submissions must have clearly outlined approach to develop the prototype along with an initial version of their prototype.

Stage 3 - Top 15 teams will be selected and would get the chance to participate in the Grand Finale at Techfest, IIT Bombay which is from 3rd-5th January. Here, the proposed prototype will be developed into working application for beta testing and demonstrated to a panel of judges.

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