Earth Matters

Prize Money: INR 1,25,000/-

Innovation is the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress
The sole motto of Ideate is to encourage youth to come up with innovative ideas to reform and transfigure the present situation in the world. Ideate provides a platform for young minds to showcase their talent through novel ideas having the potential to become the harbinger of change and crusader of the cause. Let’s bring a change in the world!

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Participants are invited to come up with innovative technological solutions to tackle any of the problems listed below:
The following themes(bulleted points) are just guidelines to help you. You are free to think like an unconventional thinker and come up with great innovations.

Water for All
▪ Development and maintenance of reservoirs andnatural & artificial catchment systems
▪ Reduction, filtration and recycling of sewage water
▪ Profiling of water rich and water scarce areas
▪ Transportation of water from water rich to water scarce areas
▪ Energy and cost efficient desalination technique


Mission Zero Waste
▪ Eco-friendly technology for recycling e-waste that can also recover the resources gone into it
▪ Reuse of electronic materials
▪ Reduction in e-waste & plastic consumption and smart waste disposal system
▪ Making water bodies plastic free
▪ Alternatives to plastic


Clean Environment
▪ Reducing emission of Greenhouse gases
▪ Environmental sanitation
▪ Chemicals and effluents flowing into water bodies
▪ Renewable sources of energy with low infrastructural requirements
▪ Organic agriculture
▪ Cost effective air purifiers